The digital key lockbox allows for safe showings

Your YELLOW Codebox holds your spare door key and allows safe showing visits to your home. You have the option of a new or used lockbox, and all boxes can be returned for a refund.


  • Your Codebox is delivered with two codes already created for you.
  • One code opens the shackle to put the box on your door.
  • The other code opens the front panel to put a copy of your home key.
  • Visitors will receive their one-time access code immediately before their scheduled appointment time.
  • You will see your upcoming showing appointments in your homepage.


Codes to open the Codebox expire quickly after their use, making it difficult to take the time to make a replacement key. However, there are some extra steps you can take to stay safe:

  • Consider getting a key marked “Do Not Duplicate.” It offers slightly more security and will not be copied if taken to a chain hardware store. Of course, it's possible they can be copied by an unscrupulous locksmith.
  • A “Restricted Key” provides a higher level of security. These can only be made by specific locksmiths and cannot be copied unless it’s done by an authorized person. The cost is usually between $35-100 for one door.

The box will display a message when the battery starts to get low. Please contact us if this occurs and we can send you a new 9v battery or you can replace it yourself inside the front panel.

If the battery no longer functions, you can externally use a 9v battery to open the front panel. On the bottom of the box, you’ll notice a small opening that can fit a 9v battery. Insert the 9v battery into this compartment and you’ll be prompted to enter your front panel code.

More information on the Codebox can be found from its manufacturer: CODEBOX