Easily buy or sell without an agent

YELLOW uses technology to help you buy or sell a home without an agent, and there's always a real, live person here to help.

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  • Simple buying process - no agent needed!
  • Transparency! Independent home inspection, price analysis, and objective video review provided.
  • DIY = FREE!
  • Want help? A licensed Realtor can help as little or as much as you need.
  • Detailed information on every home and its surrounding area.
  • Visit a home virtually or in-person.
  • Make an offer online.
  • Sale contracts completed online. Downloadable, legal Florida Realtor forms with helpful explanations provided.
  • Resource guide to help with the buying process.
  • Support through the closing.
  • Internal messaging system.
  •  Much more!


  • Listing appears on the MLS, the YELLOW search map, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and the rest.
  • DIY = FREE!
  • Want help? A licensed Realtor can help as little or as much as you need.
  • FREE - Help determining the best listing price.
  • FREE - Staging suggestions provided by video chat.
  • FREE - Marketing materials of your home.
  • AVAILABLE - Yard sign with custom QR code.
  • AVAILABLE - Digital key lockbox for easy showings.
  • Set criteria for who can securely visit your home.
  • Buyers verified and qualified.
  • Hold showings virtually or in-person.
  • Hold open houses.
  • Compare and accept offers online.
  • Sale contracts completed online. Downloadable, legal Florida Realtor forms with helpful explanations provided.
  • Resource guide to help with the selling process.
  • Support through the closing.
  • Internal messaging system.
  • Cancel anytime - take all forms with you.
  • You're listed with YELLOW, so other agents cannot harass you for your business!




With YELLOW, you’re able to complete the entire buying and selling process on your own at no charge.

Don’t worry - you aren’t alone!

We are here to answer any basic questions through the entire process, plus we offer all the free services listed in the section above.



Use YELLOW's Realtor services for a guiding hand along the entire buying or selling process. Rest easy knowing we’re here to help.

If you don't close, you don't make that second payment!


Get help with certain parts of the process.

- Help making your offer.
- Help listing your home.
- Professional improvements to your pictures or video.


As a buyer, are you working with an agent? No problem!

At YELLOW, we're committed to getting the most exposure for sellers. We leave it up to their discretion, however, if they wish to offer compensation to a buyer's agent.


If a seller is offering a commission, the fee they are willing to pay will be stated at the top of their listing page along with a commission agreement form.

That doesn't mean buyer's agents are unable to receive compensation if the seller is unwilling to pay. We encourage buyer's agents to contact the seller directly for compensation or request compensation from the buyer for their services.


YELLOW makes it easy for buyer's agents since we've already done the heavy lifting. We provide the forms, assistance, a price estimate, an inspection, and the ability to visit a property. That's a lot of work we save for the agents.

We are happy to include buyer's agents in the process and will work to ensure a fair outcome for all parties.

"Cooperation with other real estate professionals promotes the best interests of those who utilize their services..."
   - NAR Code of Ethics

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B. Russell "Russell"    Founder, Broker

Russell has a background in the finance and investments industry. He created YELLOW as a way to modernize real estate, better serve customers, and lower costs. Without a background in web development, he taught himself how to build this website.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte, NC and an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.

Florida real estate license: BK3436022


T. Ketterer "Kett"    Vice President

Kett is a former Officer in the U.S. Army who served in and led multiple tours overseas in active, hostile war zones. Kett graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in History and was a member of the JU football team.

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From our yellow-colored 'FOR SALE' sign. The color yellow was intentionally chosen as it is the most visible color of all colors and it's the first color the eye sees.

The map automatically centers on your current location and since we're still a young company, it's likely that there are no properties in that area. Try zooming out to see more properties or you can also search for homes in the search bar on the left.

Try clicking the "Save this search" box to automatically open to your search criteria in the future.

Yes! In order for a home to appear on sites like Realtor.com or Zillow, the home must be in the MLS. Your home reaches a broad audience by listing with YELLOW.

It is possible to list your home on Zillow as a FSBO, but it has drawbacks. Your listing doesn't appear on the main search map and Realtors will contact you frequently to try to get you to list with them.

Of course! There’s always a way to get in touch with us. Phone, email, text, video chat - we offer it all. See our CONTACT section.

This is for the safety of the home sellers. We need to know you are who you say you are.

Sellers will be opening their home for strangers to visit, so it makes sense to know exactly who is visiting. If something were to happen, we will know who was in the home at what time.

Like the question above, this is for the safety of our home sellers. We need to know you are who you say you are.

This is for the benefit of our home sellers, as it indicates you are a qualified buyer.

The seller may have their home listed for a price above what you are qualified for and it wouldn’t make sense for either side to proceed (we do recommend sellers be open to buyers who are approved near their listing price, but this level is set at the discretion of the seller).

We’ve taken steps to verify the person is who they say they are, has a safe background, and is qualified to visit a property. We also know the time the home was entered.

Even with an agent present, no home is ever completely safe during visits. We encourage sellers to call their local law enforcement if something is amiss after a visit, and we can provide the name and time of your visitors.


This is a relevant question in the era of internet frauds. We take steps to verify the person’s identity and their legal ownership of the property. We believe every home listed on YELLOW is legally able to be sold by the home’s owner. Please notify us of any homes you find suspicious.

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